Sefa Turah Yoruba Research Foundation

Ese Ifa Oturah  אשא אףא עתארא

Oko Noah (Ork, Ark of Noah) mount Oranfe, Ile Ifeh

Radiocarbon dated by Amerikan anthropologist, 2,000,000 BCE

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My research foundation is named after Sefa Turah (Ese Ifa Oturah) known in modern Hebrew as sefa turah/torah. Sefa Turah is one of the 256 verses of Daodu Ifa meedogun (Magen David, Dovid) sacred scrolls.  

The ideal of the Sefa Turah foundation is to enlighten people on the heritage of ancient Yoruba beginning from the source, Ile Ifeh and how it influenced the world.  Translating the book of Udaiyeh kini and keyin (first and last book of Judah) now known as old and new testaments bible and the book of Ipe-Ire-Salami, Pesalami, Pesalam (Psalms) would be gradually translated from Yoruba.

Translations are taken from Habarawa (Hebrew) Oranmiyan. Sefa Turah Research translations of the sacred books are in progress

Alubarikkah di Sala, Barikkah di Sala (blessing becomes peace)

Sala-Male-kaiyeh-fun-Yah, Salamalekafiyah, Salamaleka (Maleka of peace to Yah)


Sala-mi-Yah (My peace Yah)



Yaruba-Sala-Imale-fun-yin, Yarubasalayin, Yarusalayin, Yarusalayim (modern Hebrew) "Yaruba of peace to you"

Yarubasalam, Yarusalam, Jerusalem (Yaruba of peace to you)


Atumo (Etymo-logy):

Root word for O-widah, Wodai, Wydah is Owodaiyeh (trade center, world trade centre of the Nile valley) formerly Uwadaiyeh, Iwadaiyeh, Wadai (righteouness is born), city of Gods and Godesses. 

Owodaiyeh, Uwadaiyeh, Iwadaiyeh are shorthened to Odaiyeh, Udaiyeh, Idayeh, Ouidah, Odah, ldah.Udah, Ayuda, Ajudah (Agudah), Yudah, now Judah was ancient north, west and south Sahara in Afrika.

Ipeire-Salami meaning "my prayer of peace"

Ifaodu meedogun (16 Ifhod/Ephod divination), it has 256 esefa (256 verses) and esefa Oturah/Turah (sefa Turah/Torah) is one of them.

Daodu Ifa meedogun (magen David) aka irawo Abba Duwadu/Daoduwa/Oduduwa (star of Eber David) or ashe Salaimale (sheild of Salam/Solomon)

Imale-kaiyeh meaning "Light, Holiness, Purity of the earth or simply light of the world"

Sala means "Peace".  Sala is one of the Malekaiyeh, Maleka, Yoruba ancestors.  Salami meaning "my peace" is root word for Salam, Salem.  Salamalekaiyeh is Salamalaykum in modern Arabik meaning "Maleka of peace"

King Osholomo, Sholomo is Shlomo, Shalom in modern Hebrew.  Sholomo means "wise child".  His full name is Sholomo Salami

Habariwa, Hibariwa, Hebariwa, Abariwa, Ubariwa/Ibariwa, Ebariwa are Yoruba root words meaning "our father" are root words for Eber in modern Arabik meaning " father"

Aba, Uba/Iba, Eba are Yoruba root word for Eber meaning father in moder Arabik, Ab, Abba in modern Hebrew.

Ifeh, Eefeh are root words for Eveh, Ivri, Eve, Erverh (Gbe)