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Ese Ifa Oturah  אשא אףא עתארא

Table of Nations Ikinnisheshe, Kinnisese (Kenesis, Genesis) 10

Table of nations as written by bible scholars in the book of ikinnisheshe only followed the maps to narate their stories about the new inhabitants  of the locations and not about the original tribes.

People leave their original home to another part of the world so it would be inaccurate to refer to a present occupants of a place as the original tribe. The original tribes are from the time of Noah, the patriarch of the flood 2,000,000BCE. There were 4 tribes and remain the same ever.  The oldest tribes that gave birth to modern tribes.

The most destroyed name, Ham as father of Afrikans, the cursed one, is not true but only to demoralized the Afrikans, to distort original history in other to elevate some race above the original people who are the children of the Gods.

Origin of the name Ham and error of translating the bible:

Hamo, Homo, Amo, Omo meaning "tribe, nation, son, man, child" ,  In modern Hebrew Ham, Am Means "Nation, people", In latinu (latin), Homo, Hamo means man, people.  

So who is Ham? He could be Ham Shem (tribe of Shem), Ham Yaphet (tribe of Yaphet), Ham Canaan (tribe of Caanan).  

Yaphet, Yaphet root word is Afeh, lfeh meaning expand, large.  OranIfeh, Oranfe means expanding light.  He is the God of lighthening and thunder, father of Sun, Moon and Rain.

Irinwo Imo-ale/Imale-kaiyeh (400 Maleka) were Akkoda (first beigns) of Iyeh Hashe/Ashe (Hashem), Eledumare.  Akkoda, Akkoko-aiyeh-ti-adaiyeh, Akkokodaiyeh, Akkada, Akkooda is Akkad in English.  Akkoodaiyeh is Ifeh Oodaiyeh.  Noah aka Oodua was among the first Imale-kaiyeh, Maleka that began the second world after the first world was wiped out 2,000,000 BCE. 

The first set of Maleka were:

Obatala (ObaT'Allah), the highest God, God of Gods, the highest God

Oniwah, Niwah, Onuwah, Nuwah, Aniwah, Niwah, Onoiwah, Noiwah, Noah and other various version of his names (lord of righteousness).  He was the lmale-kaiyeh, Maleka, his name Odu-to-niwa, Odubuwah, Odunoiwa,  means myestery of righteouness, Odu-iwa, Oodua and Odu-to-da-iwa, Oduduwa meaning mistery that creates righteousness are all the same person. He was the father of Orishamida, Shami or Orishemida, Shemi is modern English word for Khamet, Khemet and modern Hebrew word for Shem.  Orisha is Orise in Edo and meaning head chooses, reown, first one, head makes famous, the same meaning in modern Hebrew name Shem or Sem, Sam in Arabik.  He is the son of Noah who, according to Islam, took the priesthood title from his father Noah before ascending to heaven because the Imale-kaiyeh, Maleka, Noah is Maleka. Shami, Shemi is the father of Aba, Iba/Uba, Eba Adura (Eber Ardra, Dua).  He was known in ancient Arabia as Ab Duwadu that is Abba Oduduwa-Adua meaning Dawid or David.

The lmale-kaiyeh, Malekah are now refer to as Orishabecause of the meaning of the name as ancestors, first ones.  Full name Rishamida is modern Hebrew name Shem that is Rishem, Rishanim, Rishonim and in modern English is Richard.

Oranfeh or Orafeh, Afeh is the God of thunder and lightening, he built his house on fire that light the whole of Ile Ifeh in the olden times. Oran-afen, Oran-lfeh is Oran-Yafet, Oran-Yaphet "Expanding light of lle Ifeh".

Ogun (God of Iron), first black smith

Osun (female Risha, origin of waters)

Orunmela, Omela aka Mosimela, Mosi (Moses) aka Moshimela, Moshi (Moshe in modern Hebrew) wrote the Ifaodu meedogun (16 Magen David)sacred scroll 

Yeshu, Eshu (God of justice)



 See diagrams below


Table of Nations 450, 000 BCE at the time of the Oni-Oshumare (Sumerians) exploring the new continents after creating Ere (earth)Afrika

Original Table of Nations c. 450,000 BCE, Luna Kojoda Kalenida (Calenda)