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Ese Ifa Oturah  אשא אףא עתארא

Origin of the name of Israel

Ancient Israel Origin of the word Israel is Sahara Sahara land was never a desert more than 4,000 - 5,000 BCE. It became deserted during the time of Meneki (Meleki) Adetutu Moshere, Tutumoshere "Tutmosis" during the draught that lasted in Sudan for 5 years. Israelites migrated back to interior of Afrika.

Present day modern Asiri-Ela (Israel) is Gisa (Giza) part of present day Ake, Oke Obatalah, Ake-Apa Atah (Akeptah, Egypt).

Origin of the word Israel is Sahara:

Present day Israel is part of lower Sahara previously Filani, Fulani, Philani, Phili, Philistine, Palestine during the time of Oba Daoduwa (King David). Present day Ake or Oke Apatah "Egypt, Akeptah, Aegyptah" meaning mountain, height of Peter, Petra, where Temple of Obatalah, Ptah is. Also called Ka of Ptah that is Oke, Ake Apa Atah.

Sahara land is from various translations:

Asahari-Ale, Asha-ari-Ale, Asa-Hari-Ale, Sahari-Ale, Yasharala "Land of choice"

Ashiri-Ale, Ysrael (secret land, land of treasure)

Asiri-Ale, Siri-Ale, Assyria, Syria, Israe-l "burial of treasures, preciuos stones, gold, diamonds and so on"

Asha, Asa (choice, choose)

Ashiri, Asiri (Secret)

Arii, Hari (buried) e.g buried precious stones, gold and so on)

Ale, Ile, Ala (in Igbo), Ane (in Igala) various west Afrika dialects meaning land.

Asihari-Ela, Asiri-Ela "We see Holiness"

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In Jewish and Christian texts from the Greco-Egyptian area during Second Temple Judaism and beyond the name was understood to mean "a man seeing God" from the ʾyš (man) rʾh (to see) ʾel (God).[8]

Middle east is lower Sahara (lower lsrael).

Mecca is land of the Omokanbi, Omakanbi, Mokkanbi, Mokkabi, Makkanbi, Makkabi, Maccabee.

West Afrika is upper Sahara (upper Israel) aka Yaruba-Sala-Male-kaiyeh, YarubaSalam (Jerusalem) meaning Aruba (friend), Araba (Priest) or nation/people of Maleka Sala.

Sala meaning is "Peace" Salamaleka (Salamalaykum) Maleka of peace




Oyo, Ayos, Joos, Jos, Jews and home of Daodu-iwa, Daoduwa, Dauwa-araiyeh, Adura, Dua in Uwadaiyeh, Udah, Judah in west Afrika

Uwadaiyeh, Wadia, Udah, Yudah, Judah before it became Iso-Udah, Soudah, now Sudan

YarubaSala "Yaruba people of peace"

1747 map of west Afrika showing Kingdom of Ado, Edo (Edom, Adom) aka Idoma (Idumea) before they migrating to Bini in Edo state, some of the tribe are in Idoma in Benue (Bieni, Bini) state, others in Saire (Zaire) now Kongo

Safunja (Sphinx) meaning "run away from fight" probably stay away from big cat. Though modern English translation of the Sphinx is strangle, squeeze.