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Ese Ifa Oturah  אשא אףא עתארא

Opa-alashe Oranyan (Oranyan Opelisk, Obelisk) aka Oranyan staff of office, early BCE

Yoruba-Hebrew Dictionary

Yoruba-Hebrew Dictionary translates from Yoruba root words to modern Hebrew.

Yoruba-Hebrew is Oranmiyan Habarawa (Hebrew). Oba Oranmiyan reigned in Ile Ife in the late BCE and his signature in ancient Habarawa (Hebrew) is still seen on the obelisk (Opa Oranyan) in Ile Ifeh today.

Yoruba-Hebrew Dictionary translates modern Hebrew, modern Arabik, Geisi (European language including Greek, Romans) and Ejigbo (Egyptian) words from Yoruba root words to arrive at the same meaning. Root words are 2-4 letters, for example, Hebrew 4 letter words “H b r w is Habarawa, Habariwa, Hebarewa, Hibariwa, Hebrew. Hebarewa in Ijebu, Jebu tongue (Hebrew),

Hibariwa, Habarawa in Aramoke, Araoke tongue (Hibri) “our father” Hebrew is translated as cross over in modern Hebrew that is Habarawa Olufeh or Elu Ifeh (El Eveh, Ivri) meaning our father from lle Ifeh