Sefa Turah Yoruba Research Foundation

Ese Ifa Oturah  אשא אףא עתארא

DAVID (modern English & modern Hebrew) meaning beloved.


ROOT WORD: ADAODU-UWA, DAODU-UWA, DAODU is ODUDUWA meaning "creator of mystery of righteousness" DA-EWU-ODU-UWA, DAWU-ODU-UWA, DAWUDU "meaning create cloth of mystery of righteouness" DAODU-IWA, DAODU-UWA, ODU-TO-DA-IWA/UWA meaning creator mystery of righteousness"

ODUDUWA is lord of righteousness, one of the Irumale-kariaiyeh, Irumaleka, maleka (malaikas) present at the beginning of creations. ODUDUWA aka DAODUWA is the beloved of Eledumare, a man of righteouness.

Only the lineage of Daoduwa (DAVID, DAUD, DAWID, DUD DODO, DOD, HUDU, HADAD) from the tribe of Akuwaaro aojiire wears the Aare (Aristocrate, Aaron) crown as the Oba (King) of the earth.

He is also called ADA-UWA, ADUA, DUA but called ADA-UWA-ARAIYEH, ADURA meaning "creator of the earth's behaviour and character - righteouness, he is aslo Agotun, Akoda, Agoodaa (God, Got) of prayer. He wrote all the Ipeiree-sala-male, Pesalama, Pesalam (Psalm) meaning prayer of Maleka of peace


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