Sefa Turah Yoruba Research Foundation

Ese Ifa Oturah  אשא אףא עתארא

1. EPHOD, IFHOD (modern Hebrew)


DEFITION: IFA "free" IFA "pull" IFA "complete" ODU "MYSTERY" ELA "pure, holy, divine light" ORO, HORO "word".  In full sentence, IFAODU ELA ORO/HORO ELEDUMARE meaning pulling, free, complete mystery of holy word of the Creator.

Definition from modern Hebrew: ephod (n.) Jewish priestly vestment, late 14c., from Hebrew ephod, from aphad "to put on."

The above definition only described the vest. IFAODU has divination tray and Iroke-lfa (shofa). Alawo, Lawo (Levite) wear vest and carry IFAODU divination items in a bag.

2. EL EL (modern Hebrew)

DEFINITION: EL is the begining of the name of Iye Ashe and the name of His messangers. EL as the begining of name of the messangers of Iyeh Ashe are His attributes.

ROOT WORD: ELE, ELA, ELU, ELO (Yoruba) meaning owner, lord. In latinu Yoruba (Yoruba latin) EL is OL, AL that is Ala, Olo, Olu have the same meaning.

Eleda Isheda, Elu Ishedaiyeh, Elu Shedai, Eli Sheddai (El Shaddai). Elagbara is Alagbara (strong, mighty).

Ela as a word on its own is a name meaning Holy, Sacred, Light. Ela Horo, Oro means holy light of the word. Ala as a word on its own means pure, as in white cloth in description. Obatalah means king of white cloth, King of purity.

3. ELIJAH ELIJAH or ELIYAHU (modern Hebrew) meaning God is Yaweh ROOT WORD: ELI JAH, ELU JAH, OLUWA JAH (Lord strike, fight). ELIJAH is Lord of battle, Ogun (war), Male-kaiyeh (Maleka) of war.

4. ERET DEFINITION: ERET (modern Hebrew),

ERE, ILE (Yoruba) means Land, Moud, Earth..


ROOT WORD: ORI or ERI means head in Yoruba and Eri in modern Hebrew.. OROS is a Septuagint for ERI.

DEFINITION: ORI and ERI meaning is Head. 

ORISOJI, ERISOJI, YEORI, YORI, that is my head arises, awakes, exalts, lifted, lift up, lift up one's head up, stir one's head up suddenly.

FINAL WRITING: ORI, ERI (Yoruba and Hebrew) is part of speech. Eri is part of speech hence Erisoji, Orisoji in Yoruba is the true name of son of Gad meaning my head lifted me.

Ifaodu (Ifhod, Ephod) divination bag