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Ese Ifa Oturah  אשא אףא עתארא


Yaruba is Aba, Oba, Eba, Uba, Iba (Eber) meaning "father".  ln modern Arabik is Eber Adua (Dua). The first patriarch to migrate and founder of middle east. He is known in Islam as father of the Aruba (Arabia).  

Letter "Y" as prefix of Aruba is related to Aramoke (Aramik) tongue of Yoruba. "Yaa" is common word at the begining of a sentence as adjective. Hi yaa sheun "the thanks to you" Same use of the word "Ya, Yaa" in Igbo and other west Afrikan dialects.

Ya (the), Aruba (friend). Aruba is original meaning of the name Arab. It is also called Araba land meaning land of Arabi (Rabbi) "Prophets". Alarubawa also means the Arabian or Lord of Arabia Aruba is not only limit to Arabia land only but the entire middle east beyond Turkey.

Yah also means Lord in Yoruba.  Lord Enki is Yoruba ancestor, a water deity still in south west Nigeria aka omi Oluwa Yah, he is called Iah or Yah.  Oyah is the female Yah so the Orisha are called Yah.  Yaruba is the Aruba or Lord Aruba meaning the Arabian or lord of Arabians.  Middle east is part of Afrika siting on tectonic plate of Afrika.  


In Islam, "Eber" is sometimes referred to in classical Islamic writings as the "father" of the "prehistoric, original Arabs" (the ʿArab al-ʿĀriba), who lived in the Arabian Peninsula after the Deluge.[7] Eber was also identified with the Quranic prophet Hud by some of the early Muslim authorities.[8] Other sources identify the prophet Hud as Eber's son".

Aba, Iba/Uba, Oba, Eba (Eber) Yaruba is the son of Hudua. Prophet Hudua, Hadua, Dua is patriarch Oodua himself, the God of prayer. His house is called Ile Adura, Dua-Homo, Dauma now Dahomey (childre of or House of Adua).

Ab Duwadu:

He was also called Aba or Oba Oduduwa-Adua (Ab, Ob Duwadu).  Oniwah, Noiwah, Noah, Nuwah, Nuah.  Odunuwah, Dhu Nuwah, Ooni (Onias), Arole Oodua, Oluiwa, Oluwa.

Yoruba is the new version of Yaruba, during the reign of Alaafin Oyo, the Oyo were called Oyo-Aruba, Yo'ruba now Yoruba. Oyo-Aruba son of Jakuta (Joktan, Yoktan, Qhatan, Qatar).  With reference to Hausa, Mohammed Bello 1800s, who refered to the Yoruba as children of Qhatan (Jakuta) from Kanu, Kano, (Cana, Cano, Kenan, Canaan).  Kano, Kanu is the land of indigo and purple dye.  The modern Yaruba or Yoruba are same people, children of patriarch Aba, Oba (Eber) Oduduwa-Adua.

Etymology of Canaan:

The etymology is uncertain. An early explanation derives the term from the Semitic root knʿ "to be low, humble, subjugated".[9] Some scholars have suggested that this implies an original meaning of "lowlands", in contrast with Aram, which would then mean "highlands",[10] whereas others have suggested it meant "the subjugated".  Land of purple dye.



Arole Oodua 1000CE from Pincrest

Arole Oodua, Ooni Ademiluyi c. 1910