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Ese Ifa Oturah  אשא אףא עתארא

Jewesun, Jesun, Jesu is Yewesun, Yesun,Yesu (Isous, Jesus) meaning "let the leaves sleep". Iye-Eshu-wa, Yeshu is Eshu (Yeshua) meaning "living Eshu exists" Both were saviours and they died and ressurected

Omatatorewa, Matatorewa (Mathew) 27v61; Yesu son of Moremi Ajasoro (the other Mary) was hung on a tree in a forest, Yeshuwa son of Madunni Moremi (Madona Mary) was cruxified on the cross of Oke-alafari, Kalafari (Calvary)

IyeEshuwa, Yeshu, Eshu (living Eshu) who comes in the spirit of Irumale-kaiyeh, Maleka Eshu. Iyeshu Kiki-orishanida, Kirishani (Krishna, Christ) meaning "head chooses, anointed one". Yewesun, Yesun, Yesu son of Moremi (Mary) Ajasoro

Jesus Crucifixion

Accorrding to Daodu Ifa meedogun (Magen David), Iye-Eshu-wa, IyeEshu, Yeshuwa (Yeshua) was ghost of Igbonna according to Ifa. 

In the book of Baba-Ela, Babela (Babylon, Babel, Bible), he was cruxified at the hill of Golgotha (oke Ogo-ologo-ta) means "hill of pointed skull" or oke Ogo-logota meaning "hill of sixty skulls". lt is also called Calvary (Oke-Alafari, Kalafari) meaning "hill of head scraping" or oke alagbari meaning "hill of skull, head". Whatever the accurate meaning is, the meaning still link with the word skull both in Yoruba and ede Geisi (English).

The bible, Koran and all the Kiki-orishanida, Kirishani (Christian) are from our book Odu Ifa or Ifaodu meedogun (16 Ifhod, Ephod). The Isin-ObaT'Ala-Male, Isin-Ala-Male (Islam) and Kirishani (Christian) books were altered several times to create lies. All the miracle workers at the time were Kirishani (Christs,Krishna).  This means, Islam and other religions are Kirishani (Christians) meaning "religion of the first, head chooses, the anointed one".  Jewesun, Jesun, Jesu is the same as Yewesun, Yesun, Yesu.

The people that translated the book of Baba-Ela (bible) confused Eshu, Yeshu, Yeshua with Jesu, Yesu or a deliberate action.  According to lle lfe story, there were few heroines with the name Moremi and Moremi is a common name in the olden times.  Jesus, Joshua, Yeshua do not mean Saviour per say but they were saviours who died to save humanity.

Book of Baba-Ela (Babel, Babylon, Bible), Omotatorewa, Omatatorewa, Motatorewa, Matatorewa (Mathew) 27v61 mentioned the other Mary, and there were few names of Mary mentioned in the book of Baba-Ela.  Yesu, Jesu is the son of Moremi and he was sacrificed for our freedom from slavery in lle lfe.  His body was not found on the tree where he was hung but a chain hanging from the tree as he ascended to heaven.

Another Moremi is the mother of Eshu, Iye-Eshu-wa, Yeshuwa, Yeshu meaning "living Eshu exists".

Oshu means month

Shu means to appear.  Oshumare appearance of Aare.  Aarenbowa, Renbowa (Rainbow) is the appearance of Iyeh Ashe Iyeh Ela covering, encircling, surrounding us not sun disc as misterpreted by Heebos scholars.

Yeshu known in modern Hebrew as Yeshua.  He came in the spirit of Ela Eshu, the messanger of Eledumare Iye Ashe Iyeh Ela.

All Imale-kaiyeh (Maleka) & Orishada (our ancestors) are Ela (Holy).  Eledumare Iyeh Ashe Iyeh is Ela too.  Yeshu is identified with the cross because it is in the heart you make decision to do good or bad.

Yeshu is known in Ifa sacred scroll as:

Eshu Alagemo ode orun (sacred child of heaven)

Eshu yee mo yee (Eshu lives l live)

Baba kekere (ancient record showed Jesus was a short man).

Eshu ni nko ibi rokun Rosa (Eshu takes away our calamity to sea and ocean of no return) though translated as taken away sins in the book of baba-Ela.  Yeshu takes away our isoro-eni (problems, calamity) not ese-eni (sin) 

Eshu beleke oku Igbona (Eshu ghost of Igboona), he was crucified and killed in Igbonna?

Eshu, Yeshuwa is the deity still worshipped in modern Israel today by the Ashkenaz.

His mother was also named Omadunni, Omodunni, Madunni, Moddunni, Moremi (Madonna, Mary).  

Yesu son of Moremi Ajasoro:

Yesu son of Moremi Ajasoro was name after Ela Oluorogbo the only begottened son of Iyeh Ashe Iyeh Ela who brouhgt aleefabeta (alphabets) and Imatiima-ishiro, matimati-ishiro (mathematics). Yesun wore dreadlocks but appeared Yeshu had scannty tiny hair though mixed up by bible scholars.  He was sacrificed for our freedom in Yaruba land and to end slavery in the world. 

Jews did not kill Yeshu while in Nasarawa (Nazareth).  

Ela lyeEshu, Yeshu aka Eshu came in the spirit of the first Ela Eshu the messanger of Eledumare. Yeshu was killed for defending Ifa/Orisha religion when the ancient Afrikan Romans from lndia forced the worship of one God Sun to Afrikans.  According to record, Yeshu said there were many Gods and Goddesses but there is one father of them all, Iyeh Ashe, Eledumare.  Yeshu, Eshu was a miracle worker

Golgotha aka Calvary is said to be in Jerusalem (Yarubasalam), means its original place is in Ketu, Benin Republik. Original Israel is north, north east and west Afrika. Modern lsrael was created for the white Fulani/Somalians refugees in 1948.  All the name of the ancient cities of Waddai were created in the modern Israel. The modern lsrael was formerly Gisa part of ancient land of Uwadaiyeh, Waddai, Udah, Judah in north and west Afrika. Lion of Judah is Lion of Uwadaiyeh, Waddai, Whydah, Wodai shorthened for Udah, Yudah, Judah. lt is latter called lion of Ake-apatah, Akepatah (Aekeptah, Egypt) or Oke-Apatah meaing "height or hill or mountain of Peter (rock).

According to Daodu Ifa meedogun (magen David, Ephod), Iye-Eshu is said to be Ebora nile Ketu meaning "the king of spiritual warriors in the land of Ketu" in Yoruba land. Ketu is likely to be the resting place of IyeEshu (Living Eshu).

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Meaning of Golgotha and Calvary: Golgotha, (Aramaic: “Skull”) also called Calvary, (from Latin calva: “bald head,” or “skull”), skull-shaped hill in Jerusalem. Bible story took place in Nigeria and spread to Europe.

Yeshu, Eshu normally wears red and black apparell not blue and white. He is dark skin Omo-Orisha, Moorisha, Moorish not Oyi-Ibo (white Heebos, Eebos). Surrounded his head is Oshumare disc, Aarenbowa, Renbowa (Rainbow disc)

Sacred heart of Yeshua

Yeshu is baba kekere (short man) healing the paralytic, c. 232CE, Adura (Dura) Syria