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Ese Ifa Oturah  אשא אףא עתארא

Ibori In Ancient Israel

Ancient ibori meaning "head worship, hounoring" rituals are performed in ancient Yasiri-Ela, Yasirela (Ysrael, Israel) in north and west Afrika.  Various tribes of Yasirela including tribes that are Habariwa (Hebrew) by blood and those by nationalization.

Tribes of Adura, Gbe, Igbo, Igala (Gala), Mossi and all remainig children of Omo-Orisha, Moorisha (Moorish) from north and west Afrika perform ibori and libation.  This ritual now performed by the children of Oyi-Ibo, Heebos, Eebos (white Ibo) and Ibo-original (Aboriginal, black Ibo) in the new Israel.

Libation performed by HRH Ooni of Ifeh during Oshoshi (Shursh) founder of Church in the world

Libation in ancient Yarubasalam