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Ese Ifa Oturah  אשא אףא עתארא

Origin of the name Yoruba

There are versions of the name Yoruba the most ancient tribe in the world according to DNA.  Yaruba, Yaraba, Yeruba, Yeroba, Yoruba, Yooba, Yehuba, though the enemies have at one point made the name sound in a derogatory manner.

The name changes occured when a heroic King reign in particular time or after an iconic event.  The first patriarch was biblical Eber (Oba, Eba, Aba, Uba, Iba) Oodua, Aadua, Dua who is known in Arabia as Alabaruwa meaning "Lord of Arabia".  Eber in Arabik is "father"  Aba (Eber) Adua founded middle east and Mecca (Omo-kkan, Omakkan, Makkan, Mokka, Makkabi (Mecca, Maccabees) was formerly house of Adua/Oodua aka house of God meaning house of prayer in Yoruba.  In Arabik and India and other places, Oodua, Aadua, Dua means prayer.  

Arabia was origunally called Aruba meaning "friend" thus the name YaAruba (Yarub) meaning "friend of the Lord".  Aruba name lasted more than 10,000 BCE until 600 BCE.  It became lle Araba meaning "land of Rabbi" hence the name changed as "Yaraba".  During the time of Gideon (Bashorun Gaa, Ogaadari-ogun, Gada, Gad), the tribe were called Yerubbaal meaning "Eru-ba-baale".  Baale of Midianites (Modina) was afraid, he could not fight back when his altar was destroyed.  Gada (Gideon) became Yaruba Orisha (God of luck fortune) at the time.  Gideon is Ogunda, Gunda Ogaadari-ogun (Gad).  The name Yeroba came with King Oyerobomi, Yerobomi (King Yeroboam).  Yeehuba, Yaagba are children of the house of Adua.  Yoruba is the current name, this came during the reign of Oba Oranyan.  Oyo-Aruba, Yo-Ruba, Yoruba.  Oyo means "slippery", when Oranyan was going to battle, his horse was splipping on the hill, so named the land "ile ti Oyo" Meaning slippery land"  Hence, Yoruba.

Aruba (friend), Olukumi, Olukunmi, Okun meaning friends, love ones, children of Adua.  Yaruba tribe were original inhabitants of middle east.

According to Snelgrave 1747 (Afrikan European Anthropologist):

Yaruba-Hudayeih, Ya'hudah

Yeruba-hudaiyeh, Ye'hudah

Oyo-Aruba, Yo-ruba, Ayos, Eyeo, Yaori, Jewry, Yoos, Yews, Joos, Jos, Jews. 


Gideon is Bashorun Ga, Ologunda, Oludariogun, Ogunda, Gunda, Ogaadari-ogun, Gada (Gad).  Bashorun Gaa is generalissimo, Yoruba war leader. Ogaadri-ogun; Oga (Master, lord, leader, boss), adari (controller, commander), Ogun (war).  Ogun-da meaning war destroyer, Ga-da means to seperate, break, cut down, destroy, Gun means to stab. 

He is the biblical Gad, son of Yaruba, son of Adua.  The Ga people of Ghana are link with the Gad of the bible, people don't bear these names for nothing.

Etymology of the name Gideone: British Baby Names:

The name is derived from the Hebrew gada "to hew down/off, to cut asunder," which has been interpreted in a number of ways. It was once interpreted as meaning "having a stump (for a hand/foot)" while others take the meaning "he who fells" and extend it to "mighty warrior" or "destroyer.  Gideon is Gad, field marshal, soldiers highest rank.


The name Gad, Summary:  Meaning Fortune


From the verb גדד (gadad), to cut, invade and expose. Related names • Via גדד (gadad): Armageddon, Azgad, Baal-gad, En-gedi, Gaddi or Gadi, Gaddiel, Hazar-gaddah, Hor-haggidgad, Magadan, Megiddo, Migdal-gadTribe of Gad From


According to the Hebrew Bible, the Tribe of Gad (Hebrew: גָּד, Modern: Gad, Tiberian: Gāḏ, "soldier" or "luck")



Alaafin of Oyo-Aruba, YoRuba 1910

Last Prime Minister of Yarubawa land, Bashorun Gaa, Ogaadari-ogun, Gada (Gad) c. 1700s

Children singing, dancing and praising their war hero, Bashorun Gaa, Ogaadariogun, Gada (Gad) of his victory over the Midanites in Yarubawa land, c. 10th BCE