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Ese Ifa Oturah  אשא אףא עתארא

Songs of Daodu

Songs of Duwadu is songs of Ifaodu meedogun (Ephod or Ifhod magen).  Yoruba root word for song is "sisun-rara or sunrara aka ewi meaning chant, poem and incantations (ofo).  When the Ape-oro-lfa, Porofa (Prophet) aka Alawo-ifa, Alufa, Alifa, Lifa (Levites) Ifa are performing divination, sisun-rara is inevitable.  It is usually included in the Ifaodu meedogun (Ephod magen).  Sisun-rara or Sun-rara is the root word for "song, sing could have been written as "Sung-rara" in the old Yoruba where letter"ng" is silent

Etymology of Daodu (David, Daud, Dawid):

Da-odu, means "create a mystery" Da-odu-lfa meedogun means "16 odu Ifa" (Magen David) divinations aka orin/sungrara Oduduwadua, Duwadu (Songs of David).  

Da-awo-odu, Dawodu means "create a cult of mystery"

Da-ewu-odu, Dawudu means "create the garment of mystery"

Da-odu-iwa, Daoduwa aka Odu-to-da-lwa, Oduduwa meaning "the mystery that creates righteousness". Iwa means character, behaviour, good habit all these mean rihgteousness. He is the father of Yoruba race. He is also the God of prayer called Adura, Adua, (Ardra, Hudua, Dua). He is Oodua atewonro nilu lfeh

Da-odu-ewa, Daoduwa means "create a mystery of beauty" She is the female Oduduwa, wife of Obatala, Iya ogbe

Irawo Daoduwa aka Oodua, Adua (star of David), Irawo Sala-Malekaiyeh (Star of Salam, Solomon) meaning star of peace

Daodu is Yoruba root word for David, Dawid, Daud, Daod and does not exactly means beloved or darling. Daradara, Dara, Daada, Daa is the root word for dear, darling, beloved.  When the book of Baba-Ela (bible) was transliterated from Nasarawa (Nazareth, Nosra), latinu Yoruba (Yoruba latin), it led to misinterpretation from the original Habarawa (Hebrew) book.  In latinu Yoruba meaning "from original Yoruba", David is transliterated as Dafid, Genesis as Jenesisi, John as Johanu are extremely misleading.  Yoruba is the root word of all languages of the world but then these oldest tribe were left with no option but calling David, Dafidi!!!!!  The plan of the enemy is that Yoruba language become extinct

Daoduwa aka Oniwa, Noiwah, Noah, Nuwah, Nuah is a beloved or dear to Iyeh Ashe Iyeh.  Noah (righteous one) so, Noah Daada is beloved, good, dear one.

Daodu Ifa meedogun is modern Hebrew "16 David magen" 16 Ephod divination.  


Etymology of song (n.) Old English sang "voice, song, art of singing; metrical composition adapted for singing, psalm, poem," from Proto-Germanic *songwho- (source also of Old Norse söngr, Norwegian song, Swedish sång, Old Saxon, Danish, Old Frisian, Old High German, German sang, Middle Dutch sanc, Dutch zang, Gothic saggws), from PIE *songwh-o- "singing, song," from *sengwh- "to sing, make an incantation" (see sing (v.)).