Sefa Turah Yoruba Research Foundation

Ese Ifa Oturah  אשא אףא עתארא

Yarubasalam (Yarusalam, Jerusalem)

Before the modern Israel was founded in 1948 and Jerusalem in Port Said, in modern Egypt, was the original and biblical one in Lagos, Nigeria.  Ancient map of west Afrika showed Jerusalem is present day Lagos Island in Nigeria.

Modern Jerusalem was the intention of the Oyibo (white Heebos) to creat new Jerusalem to fit in with the new testament book of revelation 21v2, 10.  The Jerusalem of the modern lsrael was man made created to settle white Eebo, Heebos refugees in 1948 by Bafor declearation. Modern lsarel is not the one written in the book of Baba-Ela (Babylon, Bible).  New Yarusalam is going to be Ile Ifeh city of Ela (Holy Land), western Nija-area (Nigeria)

Hail Selassie was himself Ibo-original (Aboriginal) meaning black Eebo, Heebos who claimed to be the original Hebrew lsraelites.  DNA showed they are the black Ashkenaz from Asia not the original owner of the land.  Before white Eebo seized control of the world in early 20th century, was the black ones and thier black half castes. 

Hail Selassie generation and black Eebo generations at one time seized and control the world probably 17th -18th century until their white Eebo brothers from Italy forced them out of power mid 1930s.  He went on exile from Addisa Aba-oba (Addis Ababa) to Yarusalam in port Said, Egypt on train in 1936.

Slave trade of the Somalians/Fulani and other Aboriginals started with the Bantu as from 15th CE.  Their black half castes later too started the slavery of their white Heebos, Eebos 17th century till final slavery abolition.  Solom Ayubba was sent to prison in the early 1800s for illegal trade of white Heebos slaves

The Ibo-original racially differenciated themselves from people of Afrikan Moorisha (Moorish), Khoikhoi, San and Bantu, with their hair texture.  Afrikan Morisha were racially abused as people with jarajara, jaara (Jareer) hair and themselves as jilek.  Hirun, Irun (Hair) Jarajara, jaara is Yoruba word (ancient Hbrw) for whooly and coarsed hair and Irun lile, leeki (jilek in Somali) means pressed, soft and silky hair texture.  Today, the Moorisha are abused with the byword Nigger which in fact mean Enia-odo-Oya, Nidoya, Nidya, Nija (Niger, Niger-area) meaning children of river Oyah, Yah.  Goddess Oyah, Yah disaapeared in the river and the people that resided the river area at the time were called "enia, eni (people, person, man, negro) of the Oyah river.   Oyah, Yah is  the Goddess of wind, breeze and war.  Not Nagas beacuse Nagas is Anajo, Anejo, Elejo (Snake people) tribes in Afrika that are snake devotees from lndia.





Hail Selassie travelled on train from Adisa Aba-Oba (Adis Ababa) to Yarusalam in Ake-Apatah (Akeptah,Egypt)

Map of west Afrika: Ijebu, Jebu (Jabou, Jebus), Yarusalem (Aslem, Jerusalem), Uwwadaiyeh, Waddi aka Udah (Waddai, aka Judah), Eni-adagba-land, Enigbaland, Egbanland (Fort Anglois), Ufe-oraka, lferanka (Fort Francois, France), Ufe Ora (Euphrate), Olukumi (Ulcumi), Shugbo (Sheba, Xabier)

Somalian/Fulani half caste slave trader, Ben Ayuba Suleiman Diallo (Ben Job Solomon Diallo) 1701-1773 with jilek hair

Yarubasalam, Yarusalam, Jerusalem is present day Lagos